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Disques Hushush Inc - Phase 1 (1998-2009)

Alien Radio Station (Canada)
Ambre (Belgium / Canada / Netherlands)
Aube (Japan)
C-drík (Belgium / Netherlands)
Dijislov (United-States)
Dustmite, The (United-States / Great-Britain)
Frank Pay (Belgium)
Goem (Netherlands)
Kapotte Muziek (Netherlands)
KK Null (Japan)
Larvae (United-States)
Lilith [Scott Gibbons] (United-States)
Mark Spybey (Canada / Great-Britain)
Martiens Go Home! (Belgium)
Mick J. Harris (Great-Britain)
Montagnn (Belgium / Canada)
Moonsanto (Belgium / Canada / Netherlands)
Nihilist Spasm Band (Canada)
NOS (Switzerland)
Not Breathing (United-States)
OCOSI (Great-Britain)
Olivier Moreau (Belgium)
Orphx [Christina Sealey/Richard Oddie] (Canada)
P*A*L (Germany)
Propeller (Canada / Great-Britain)
Reynols (Argentina)
Shinitaika (Great-Britain)
Silk Saw (Belgium)
SU8M3RG3D (United-States)
Szkieve (Belgium / Canada)
TMRX (Belgium)
Turn (United-States)
Ultraphonist (Belgium)
Vromb (Canada)
Zero ID (Great-Britain)

Welcome to our stash. This is where we stock our important archival material from the label’s first phase (1998-2009).

Looking for free archived MP3 versions of our releases from phase 1? Some and more are available in our vault archive.org.